Why Choose

Happy Tree

Our Salesmen are certified arborists. They can identify your trees and shrubs and provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

We will complete any tree work that you have and will not turn you away regardless of how large or small it is.

We have the proper equipment to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently.


We carry the proper insurance policies and coverage amounts to complete your tree work. Our salesman will provide you with a certificate of insurance at the time of your quote. This will assure you that you are covered in every aspect while we are on your property. (Most homeowners do not realize when contracting with an uninsured tree business they are accepting the liability of all property damages and injuries committed by that tree business while they are on their property.)

You will not pay until your job is completed entirely, and you receive an invoice by mail.

We will match quotes from reputable tree businesses.

Senior citizens and active military veterans will receive a 5% discount